ES8912 Applied Ecology (Graduate Course): Fundamental principles and approaches in ecology and their application to current environmental problems. Topics include: the nature of ecological experiments; application of regression analysis in natural resource management; global change; fisheries (population) management; multivariate description of community structure (ordination); and ecological processes structuring biological communities in space and time. Offered Fall 2015.

BLG144 Biology II: Topics covered in this course include evolutionary processes, the resulting diversity of living organisms, and ecological principles. Laboratory exercises complement lectures. Offered in winter semester, Jan 2016.

BLG 678 Current Topics in Biology: BLG678_Ecoinformatics is an emerging discipline in the field of ecology and environmental science that fosters skills needed to deal with vast amounts of ecological information. The subject integrates across diverse fields including biodiversity science, computer science, and computational statistics. This course will provide an introduction and overview to the discovery, integration, analysis, and storage (preservation) of heterogeneous ecological data with a focus on information used for research into problems related to climate and land use change. Offered in winter semester, Jan 2016.