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DSC_2281I am a spatial ecologist with over 15 years of experience studying the effects of climate change, forest fragmentation, and urbanization on bird communities (e.g., Melles et al. 2011, Global Change Biology 17: 17-31; Melles et al. 2009, Landscape Ecology  24:519-531; Melles et al. 2003, Ecology and Society 7(1): 5). The spatial and geo-computational techniques I use have also enabled me to work on the problem of sampling design for international environmental monitoring networks (Melles et al. 2011, Computers and Geosciences 37:280-288). I now apply these same spatial analytical techniques in my current work on aquatic ecosystems. I use large environmental datasets with spatio-temporal components (e.g., climate data, socio-economic data, land cover, Landsat, Ikonos, environmental monitoring network data) and geo-computational techniques (spatial and geostatistics, randomization methods, network analysis, GIS) to model species distributions and compound environmental variables based on theoretical expectations. My research network includes international, national, provincial and local (Toronto) collaborators in academia, government, and industry.

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Stephanie J. Melles

Ryerson University
Faculty of Science
350 Victoria St.,
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2K3
416-979-5000 (extension 3413)
Office: VIC 716